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White onions is much more famous as a salad onions, without shape smell and of the light texture, rather then yellow one.  Though, white onions has a shorter shelf-life comparing with yellowish, but has a whole specter of vitamins and minerals: C, E, H, PP, B, also full of minerals.
White onions is harvesting only in several countries in the world and Ukraine takes the third place of it’s total volume with competitive price. Onions regularly packing in 25 kg meshes, but may be packed into any demanded weightier.  Calibration is of middle size, regularly from 45 up to 75 mm of ring form. Seasonality is from October till January. Actual volume is 1200 tons
Red onions are of violet color and of the long shelf-life, the storage limit for export is till March. Usual size is till 180 grams, never calibrating. Red onions are to be grown under any climate, but mostly harvesting in Ukraine and Asian regions. Has sweet taste and salad requrirements. But lso is perfect for softening. Full of vitamins, C, A, B and some mineral, has the same calories  , like all other varieties – 40. Packing – 25 kgs, limited volume – 1000 tons/season.
Yellow onions is the most delicious and demanded vegetable in the world, in all cousins and respected for it’s medicine properties. We may talk long time about this product, but nobody may have any doubts of it’s usefulness.
Volume is 10000 tons per year, seasonality for export- October- May. Bags for 25-30 kg, netto tonnage per truck – 23 tons, per container 28 tons